New Forum Updates!

I recently ask our Site Supporters what modifications they would like made to the Simple:Press forum software and the results of that effort are now in place!   Below are a couple of screenshots showing the modifications.


The screenshot above shows the new layout utilizing the site color scheme along with the following modifications:

  • Expanded New/Recently Updated Topics to prevent wrapping
  • Most Recent Post icon moved to the left of post count.
  • Corners modified to be square rather than rounded to match overall site appearance.

update_20140624_02The screenshot above shows some exciting new modifications:

  • Most Recent Post icon  and Unread Post Count added to the bottom of the topic.
  • The Stats area has been redesigned to make better use of the area.
  • Site Supporters now listed at the bottom of the forum.
  • New sections added to distinguish Dan’s Club Members and Range Officers (more on this in the near future).   I still have to setup the Dan’s Club group to show properly.
  • Consolidated Administrators and Moderators on one line.

Hope everyone likes the changes!



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