Reloading Roundtable Part 3 – Equipment Basics

Good Morning,

Here is the third installment of the Reloading Roundtable, Equipment Basics.

This edition answers the following questions:

1) So what’s the deal with all the different types of presses?

2) What are the different kinds of dies all about? Do they need special care?

3) I know there are different ways to measure powder…..

4) Please tell me about reloading manuals.

5) How many (and which) manuals do you use regularly? How many manuals do you have?

6) Out of all those manuals, pick the one that is your essential, “must have” manual.

7) I am a Beginner Reloader. Please pick a “Bundled Kit” for me to get started with.

8) What should I add to the Kit you recommended to get me off to a good start?

9) What else should I know about reloading equipment, and its proper use?

Thanks to all that contributed!

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