Please Upload Your Images to the DWF!

This morning I was updating some historical information in the site supporter section and while doing some research went to the Historical Pics Part 2 topic.  Instead of cool photos of a Dan Wesson Action Cup I was presented with this…



I know some of you guys like using Photobucket and other such sites but I strongly urge you to upload the photos you post here to the Dan Wesson Forum.  The host that we have backs up the site and I periodically download the entire site as well.  One of the purposes of the forum is document what we know about the various Dan Wesson companies, the individuals behind them and the products they produced and photos are an integral part of that documentation.  By hosting our images here on the DWF we ensure that the integrity of the topics we create will stay intact.

I will be verifying that the information under the FAQ on posting photos is up to date and if not will be updating it.


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