Introducing the new Dan’s Club!

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know about some changes to Dan’s Club.  As many of you know the operating cost of the Dan Wesson Forum is covered by the contributions of our site supporters and myself preventing the need to include ads on the site.   A couple of weeks ago one of our site supporters, Bikeridertim made a suggestion which was allow a member to support the site for a month.     I thought was an interesting idea and let Bikeridertim know that I would share this with the moderators for their feedback.  After discussing the idea we have decided to modify what it means to be a member of Dan’s Club to incorporate this new concept. In the past we have identified site supporters who have made multiple contributions to help with the operation expenses as members of Dan’s Club.

Going forward to join Dan’s Club a member must do one of the following:

  • Pay $75 for Dan’s Club Membership
  • Provides an auction item that meets or exceeds $65 (offered only during the DWF Auction).

Here is a list of benefits:

  • Special Dan’s Club avatar that identifies the month/year
  • Two years of Site Supporter benefits
  • Feature the members photos in the banner during the month.
  • Show the members profile in the sidebar (stole this idea from Steve’s reply about the newsletter).
  • Special Dan’s Club Forum Rank.
  • A Dan’s Club Topic on General Discussion that identifies the Dan’s Club Supporter of the month.
  • An online “Interview” of the new Dan’s Club Supporter, posted in “his” GD Topic

If you were already a member of Dan’s Club you will retain that forum rank going forward as well.



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