How to Report an Issue

It’s very important to me to keep the Dan Wesson Site functioning quickly and smoothly.  As we all know the internet is every changing and the software the site is built upon is no exception.  In order to provide the functionality that we’re all now accustom to requires 30 additional plugins on top of the core software.  Updates to the core software are pushed out automatically which is important to prevent security issues.  Our forum software vendor gets earlier releases of the software and does a good job of staying ahead of any changes.

The issues we encountered over the past couple of weeks were a result of us having a custom theme (controls the appearance and functionality of the forum) for the forum.  The developers of the forum software and our custom theme try very hard to avoid the need to make manual changes but in this case the change was a necessity due to changes in WordPress the core software.  Had I read some of the release notes I could have prevented some of the issues we encountered!

With all that said some time ago I created a way for members of the forum to report issues.  I make an honest effort to read every post on the forum but unfortunately I fall short of this goal now with two small children demanding my attention!  In order to better manage issues and problems that arise I encourage you to report all issues by completing form on the Report an Issue page.  Previously this option was buried at the bottom of the page so now I have also included an option in the sidebar.  This will allow me to quickly see that an issue has been reported and will allow me to document the fixes so that if something similar happens in the future I’m a step ahead on fixing it!

Also buried at the bottom of the page is an option to submit a feature request that I encourage you to make use of if you have an idea that would make the site better!

I appreciate everyone’s patience and support!

Thanks, Jody

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