Front Sights from the Wesson Family!

I’m very please to be able to bring you guys some exciting news this morning. Over the past several weeks I have exchanged several emails with Dan Wesson’s grandsons Seth and Eric Wesson.   Since exiting the gun business 20 years ago they have operated and grown a successful metal fabrication business and after seeing the prices that are being ask for front sights they have decided to start reproducing them!  These sights are going to be offered in the 3 original colors of red, yellow and white along with three new colors, glow in the dark green, florescent green, and florescent orange.

I already have one of all six colors on the way and will let you know my thoughts once they arrive but I’m sure they’ll be an excellent product!  So if you are in need of some front sights please give these guys your support!

You can order these sites directly from the Wesson family by visiting their website Dan Wesson Arms

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