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There has been much discussion lately about the possibility of revolvers returning to the Dan Wesson lineup and we feel that it’s time for the DWF to get involved.  I have created a form that you can complete to be included on the petition that will be mailed to Alice Poluchova the president of CZ-USA.

We all have hopes, desires, and wishlists for the new Dan Wesson revolver. Once they are back in production, we should make our desires known, our objective at this point is to support the manufacture and sale of any Dan Wesson revolver that meets this criteria:

We anticipate that the new Dan Wesson Revolver will reflect the original design characteristics of Strength, Durability, Simplicity, and Adaptability.

I would like to send the petition to CZ-USA on July 1st so please complete the form at your earliest convenience.

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