Shroud Types

Orginially Dan Wesson Revolvers were offered with ‘Pork Chop’ type shrouds.  The ‘Pork Chop’ shroud was replaced around 1975/6 by the straight shroud.  The images below show the different types of shrouds offered by Dan Wesson over the years.

Below are two images that show the difference between the older pork chop shroud and the newer straight shroud.

Straight Shroud Pork Chop Shroud
Straight Shroud Pork Chop Shroud

As you can see the pork chop shroud has a tang that extends down which is missing on the newer straight shroud.  The following photo shows the shrouds side by side:

The following diagram shows how to decipher the barrel assembly code:

The newer straight shroud was offered in several variations which are listed below:

Model 14 Shroud with pinned front sight – notice the top rib is ½ the height of the 15-2 shroud, therefore making any Vented options out of the question.

Standard Shroud

Heavy Shroud (H6)

Vented Shroud (V8)

Vented Heavy Shroud (VH8)

Vented Slotted Shroud (V8S)

Vented Heavy Slotted Shroud (VH8S)

Vented Compensated Shroud (V8C)

Fixed Barrel guns were offered during the Palmer era and the photo below shows what the muzzle end of one looks like:

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