Meet the DWF Staff

The individuals that guide the forum share a common interest in the history of Dan Wesson and the firearms they have produced.  Most of us have been with the Forum since the very beginning.  We devote many hours to making sure that the forum is an enjoyable site to visit.  Here’s who we are:


Name Member Since
Jody Site Founder
Steve CT March 3, 2008


Name Member Since
ChargerFan January 25, 2009
LBruce November 11, 2008
Rwsem February 22, 2009
Blacktop February 11, 2010

Range Officers

Name Member Since
Blacktop February 11, 2010
Brucertx July 3, 2011
Dave KS March 27, 2009
SHOOTIST357 May 2, 2009
Supermagfan February 10, 2009
Zoommb February 28, 2009