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The Manuals and Models have been updated in the Supporters area. There is still work to be done in these areas so if you have suggestions please let me know!


The Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad’s “Dan Wesson”

The Pittsburg & Shawmut’s GP-7, Number 357, honoring Dan Wesson, an innovator from one of America’s foremost Firearm Families.


Dan Wesson Serial Number X1!

  I would like to thank Seth Wesson Sr. and Eric Wesson for sharing the following information and pictures of the first Dan Wesson revolver with us! Eric said: My Dad Seth Sr., thought you guys should have a picture of this one.  I would call this the Holy Grail…


Custom Grips and Parts for your Dan Wesson

For new visitors to the Dan Wesson Forum I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know where you can get custom grips and parts for your Dan Wesson revolvers. LB Custom Grips – If you want to see your Dan Wesson part from all others add a custom…


Sight Set Screws Available!

Good Evening, I forgot to mention in the earlier post that front sight set screws are also available on the Dan Wesson Arms website.  This website is ran by members of the Wesson family so visit their website and show your support!


Dan’s Club: July Operating Expense covered by Freerider04!

I would like to thank Freerider04 for becoming a Dan’s Club member.  The membership fee’s to join Dan’s Club cover the operating cost of the forum for a month which helps keep the site free of ads and on fast servers.  You also receive 2 years of Site Supporter status…


Front Sights from the Wesson Family!

I’m very please to be able to bring you guys some exciting news this morning. Over the past several weeks I have exchanged several emails with Dan Wesson’s grandsons Seth and Eric Wesson.   Since exiting the gun business 20 years ago they have operated and grown a successful metal fabrication…


Save 20% on DWF T-Shirts This Weekend!

Save 20% on Dan Wesson Forum T-Shirts when you order 2 or more this weekend and enter coupon code saveon4.  Sale Ends Sunday!


Steve, Thank you!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve for his dedication to the Dan Wesson Forum.  As recognition for his dedication and support Steve is now a DWF Administrator.  The job doesn’t pay well so words of gratitude and appreciation I’m sure would be appreciated!   The DWF would not be what…


New Forum Updates!

I recently ask our Site Supporters what modifications they would like made to the Simple:Press forum software and the results of that effort are now in place!   Below are a couple of screenshots showing the modifications. The screenshot above shows the new layout utilizing the site color scheme along…